We at 1CoachAndy Sports Academy believe that a child’s development is very important to each parent and every school they attend through life. We recognize each long term development involved in their growth. Children, youth and adults need to learn the right things at the right time within their sport or activity and we will work closely with schools in helping with their development. From awareness and first involvement all the way through to training to win and competing at their highest possible levels and continuing to be active for life. 

Founder coach Andy has been coaching for over 25 years, providing professionally structured and specialized programs for children aged 18 months to adulthood across the globe. Coach Andy has been in Asia for over 6 years and resides in Cambodia where he has been for the last 4 years. He established his new sports academy nearly a year ago and now is now working closely with many of the top schools in the city. Coach Andy’s philosophy is to develop and nurture each child from early beginnings until they reach their goal, giving them the building blocks to go forth and achieve great things. To encourage and instill belief, to continue that encouragement and to teach them to believe in themselves and their peers and enjoyment, because we believe that through enjoyment, every child will grow and learn faster. Fun is the key to each child’s learning, without pressure in a safe and disciplined environment which will help them attain greatness.


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