About Us

Our program provides your children with the right introduction into sports through high level and committed coaching methods in a friendly and pressure free environment. We offer different levels, split into four age groups, each one tailored to specifically meet the needs of each child between the ages of 18 months old through to 16 years old. We believe that a child’s development is very important to each parent and every school they attend through life and we recognize each long term development involved in their growth. Children, youth and adults need to learn the right things at the right time within their sport or activity and we work closely with schools in helping with their development. From awareness and first involvement all the way through to training to win and competing at their highest possible levels and continuing to be active for life.

Give your child the start they need through one of our multi-sport programmes and help them grow, get exercise, make new friends, learn how to work together socially and improve self-esteem.

The Team

Meet our small team that make 1CASA great!

Coach Andy

Not only the best Santa reenactor in the world, but also invents the best games! He has coached children all over the world for over 20 years, the last 5 in Asia. He founded 1CASA in 2017.

Coach Greg
Coach & Marketing

Greg has been with 1CASA since the start and really loves football coaching or playing. He helps with the marketing, admin and coaching.

Coach Sandy

Sandy has joined 1CASA recently but has flourished and is now one of our busiest coaches. She's our super awesome Scandinavian coach.

Coach Sarah

Small in size, but big in energy and knowledge, she has coached gymnastics for over 10 years. She has called Cambodia home for 2 years. She's our fantastic gymnastics coach.

Coach Derrick

Moved from the UK to New Zeeland as a teenager, which opened his eyes to adventure. He has been cycle touring since the 80’s and is definitely in the best shape out of all of us. He's our super fit super coach.

Coach Simon

Simon's children were once in our programmes and then we stole him to come and coach for us. When's he's not busy landscape designing he's coaching for us.

Coach Buma
Assistant Coach

21-year-old Cambodian, who loves football! He plays a lot and likes to hang out with his friends, when he’s not visiting his family outside Phnom Penh. Our assistant coaches are super important.

Coach Mara
Lead & Assistant Coach

He is a true sports fanatic and loves rugby. He plays both contact rugby and touch rugby, even if he loves to play other sports to. He is 29 years old.

Want to join the team?

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